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David Philpott


Jimmy Reyes


Andrew Dalhouse

The oldest stories tell of men who shared an unnatural bond with the dragons. They were called draegari, and they were worshipped as gods who walked among us.

The draegari slaughtered the dragons with magical weapons enabling them to harness the powers of the dragons – the dragons’ rage. And for hundreds of years, the king of Xandahar, the true king of all the known lands, used the draegari as an unstoppable army to defend the monarchy.

Now, a ruthless ruler sits on the throne of Xandahar. Determined to rid the world once and for all of dragons, King Aldrich has sent the draegari to the ends of the world to hunt the dragons down and claim their rage.

But there are whispers that King Aldrich has a sinister motive… using the dragons’ rage to build the fabled Crown of Fire. With this crown, the king would become the most powerful being in the world, even more powerful than Damorgo, the Dragon King.

The draegari are now divided – those loyal to the monarchy and those who fear it. And a band of rebels – an old, broken down outcast; an orphan with an ancient, powerful secret; and a young mage with uncontrollable abilities – will soon discover a truth that threaten the freedom of the world.


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